3rd Presidential Debate

6:03pm – It’s starting. I love hearing the moderator read the rules. Maybe instead of a flashing red light when the time is up, they should just give them a little shock to the testicles.

6:07pm – It seems like the last two debates, Bush and Kerry were purposely dressed very different. Now they’re in almost the same thing. Blue suit, red tie.

6:10pm – I don’t understand why they aren’t directing their comments to each other more often. Instead of hearing “this President didn’t do this”, I’d like to hear “you didn’t do this”. Maybe throw in a little pointing or one of them flicking off the other.

6:15pm – Why does Bush blink so much?

6:33pm – Bush and Kerry both have very strong personal beliefs on family and life values, gay marriages, abortion, etc. The biggest difference I see between them is that Bush pushes his believes on us through his political power where as Kerry seems to let’s us make up our own minds. It’s constantly echoed by Senator saying “you choose”.

7:17pm – “Freedom is a gift from the almighty.” I don’t know how the President can truly believe that statement and that all people deserved it. I’m hearing more of “you’re either with us or against us”. He obviously believes his spiritual, family, and general life values are important enough to the point where he wants to make it incredibly difficult for people who opposes these values to choose there own non-threatening freedoms and be considered legally equal to the majority and socially tolerable by the masses. I need a President who is going to take everyone into consideration when making choices.

7:28pm – For a while, I have thought both Bush and Kerry were just completely uninspiring individuals. These debates and particularly his closing statement have made me question that thought about Kerry.

7:31pm – The Bush twins are hot.