2006 Honda CBR600RR… It’s All Mine!

Been looking for a while now and after riding all ’06 600s, I finally decided on the CBR600RR. Simply amazing. It’s funny how you start off saying “I want something unique” but in the end it turned out to be a red Honda. Even though it’s the oldest of the 600s now, there’s a reason why they outsell every other 600 on the market. Had to go with red too because it’s just the nicest color on the bike and all of my cars are red. I think I made a good decision here and an even better one before when I bought the GS which I don’t ever plan on giving up. Because of that, now more than ever, I’m a firm believer that these 600 super sports are just too much bike for the person just starting out.

I just picked it up last night. Been working with the dealer for some time now and they finally gave me a deal I just wasn’t able to pass up. $8884.01 OTD with $955 down and the rest financed through my credit union for 5%. That was for the bike, a 5 year extended warranty, GAP coverage, and some very good discounts on gear. Like I said. Just couldn’t pass it up. Full coverage is going to add another $600 to my policy per year and that doesn’t suck either. I’ve locked it up inside my parent’s house for right now until I get it on my policy. After that, I can look forward to 600 miles of break-in time and another infinite miles of riding bliss. Now for some crappy camera phone pics. I’ll put up some nicer ones later, but you can see more crappy ones in my gallery.