2005 Mustang GT Concept Opinion

You already know that I’m not a big fan of Ford and an even worse fan of the Mustang, but the new Mustang GT concept is being released today and The Car Connection (my favorite automobile industry news site) has the full article on it with pictures, so I figure I’d share.

My honest opinion: They’re definitely going for the retro look here with that front end. It’s a huge fad going through the industry right now and although most are pretty nice when you first see them, the style gets tiring pretty quickly (i.e. PT Cruiser or Thunderbird). This car is no exception. I think a lot of people will get tired of it pretty quickly after it gets nation wide exposure. The rear end is hideous (although I heard the production version is a lot more toned down). They says it takes after the ’68, but I don’t see it anywhere and as a stand-alone design, it’s bulky and ugly. The front end can definitely relate to the ’68 though and I think it’s pulled off pretty well. I would have preferred Ford did not do the retro thing all together.

Although the Mustang has tried to emanate an image of power and handling, it has always came off as more of a trendy car with the 6 cylinder version way overselling the 8 cylinder versions. The target buyer of this car has always been late 20 year old early 30 year old women who want that sense of performance. I don’t think they’ll have any problems selling this new one to them.

What do you guys think?